Tourism and Travel in HongKong

Hong Kong is amazingly a famous tourists and travel destination for either business or leisure purposes. The city supports and acts as a power house for tourism and travel business as well as other inter-depended forms of investment. Travel and tourism serves as pillars of industries which are economy drivers of the city. Being strategically located in the Asia pacific and adjacent to the China mainland, Hong Kong serves as a travel continental power house and destination for major and minor conferences for local, regional and international events. Owing to its robust transport network and not forgetting the passage cruise and fast cruisers, the towns experience well travelled population and is capable to meet movement demand with ease and cost effectiveness.

Travel service providers

Hong Kong being the second economically powered city in Asia pacific has the highest potential for those who are looking to expand and invest in the travel industry. Companies, either local or international, offer a ready market to the Hong Kong’s population that has the money which people are is willing to spend and they value travel a necessity. Travel service companies coming from all over the world, have very little requirements to meet for their registration in Hong Kong to operate their business. These include government financial support, the well connected city by roads and minimal tax requirements by the local authorities. For such travel service providers who are willing to explore the rich Hong Kong to mainland travels, there is a partnership agreement dumped  CEPA that covers them.


The city is endowed with a world class airport for the biggest passengers’ aircrafts destined for other centralized international airports and locally as well. Neighboring China, the most populated and known for cruise as the effective means of transport, Hong Kong is where you need to be for its extra ordinary natural harbor for passage cruise line.

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions

The city has world class exhibition infrastructure owing to the architectural prowess, logistics and transport network. In the year 2011 alone, the city was home to 1.56 million visitors with 43% coming from across China’s mainland. This is due to incentives like visa free entry to local, from about 170 countries in the world.  The city has been packed with tourism attraction sites as well as creative industry business. This is where Hong Kong proves its expansion potential in hosting international conventions and exhibitions.

Hotel industry

Increased demand from local, China mainland’s and all over the world, visitors to the city has seen growth of all cadres of hotels. There is professional man power for the hospitality industry from multilingual and multicultural cooks and all specializations you need.



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