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Scope in Hong Kong’s Creative Industries

Hong Kong has proved to be the real regional hub for the entire Asia region. This is where you need to be for your ambitious plans in the creative industry- whether you are looking for a multinational cooperation or small companies of even medium size of an enterprise in the creative industry. On realizing how… Read More

Food And Beverage

  Long one of the planet’s culinary capitals, Hong Kong is quickly turning into a focal point for the wine exchange too, since the Government’s 2008 choice to cancel obligation on wine’s import. Great logistics in addition to the high number of business and recreation guests it accepts every year make Hong Kong an urging… Read More

Importance of Business in Hong Kong and China

Hong Kong is deliberately situated at the center of Asia, together with many of the area’s the maajority exhilarating commerce marketplace. Beijing, Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai and Perth are in the equivalent occasion zone as Hong Kong Jakarta , Bangkok,  Tokyo and Seoul are contained by one hour’s differentiation Straightforward and resourceful area… Read More

The reason why foreign business owners frequently select Hong Kong being a business head office in Asian countries?

Hong Kong is a superb hub with regard to international companies interested in setting up businesses inside Asia. Its’ bodily and politics proximity to China along with modern facilities, internationally approved and clear legal program depending on English legislation and reduced tariff framework have made it into one from the world’s top financial and company… Read More

Investing in beauty and wellbeing in Hong Kong

This is one of the business opportunities that you can invest in within the city and get quite huge returns on investments. There are many factors which make this location the best for such a business. All the things which a business requires so that it makes huge returns are all available. This explains the… Read More

Why Hong Kong is the best choice for consumer products?

  You should know that this is a shopping destination for quite a lot of people. This refers to the people who stay in chine as well as some who stay abroad. The good thing with this place is that it also provides people with plenty of room for expansion. This comes in handy since… Read More

Deciding on a name and type for your company in Hong Kong

The first step of setting up an organization in Hong Kong is to decide on the name and type of the company. According to the business requirement, one should choose from a range of organizational types. The most commonly used organizational type in Hong Kong is a “limited company”. This type of company when incorporated… Read More

Going Public in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has been a leading global capital-raising hotspot for the last decade. It led the world in from 2009 to 2011 in initial public offerings as much of the world sought shares in Chinese companies. Although the current economic outlook all over the world is not as great as everyone would like it to… Read More

Hong Kong Company Audit Requirement

Hong Kong is a financial hub of not only the Asian region but also of the world. Every year, hundreds of investors and companies from all over the world put up businesses in the state. Hong Kong enjoys political stability, modern infrastructure and a great banking and taxation system which makes it an ideal place… Read More

Boom in Hong Kong IPO Expected this Year

Experts predict that Hong Kong will be the world’s third largest initial public offering market in the year 2013. In this year alone, there will be up to HK $150 billion that will be raised by as many as 80 companies. If you look at these figures it will show just how strong Hong Kong… Read More