Important suggestion about Patent applications

Patent in simple words mean specification, it consists of both description and claims. In a patent application an individual is supposed to explain the product or the service and in what ways does it differ from other previous patents.  General information about the background as well as detail information is given in the description.

A patent application is a low cost alternative, which is the first step to get for one year of protection in order to test the invention in the market. It is enough to make judgment about the reaction of the market to the patent product or the service of the individual. There are various advantages and disadvantages about getting a patent application.

No new information can be added after the filing of application; hence it is important to take professional help to get maximum protection. A patent examiner can help to make changes only in the subject of the application. The patent applicant should also take care that no misleading information is given in the form or no important item is omitted. Drawings are not part of application, mathematical and chemical formulas can also be added wherever required.

After description comes summary that gives general information of the tent frame.

How to compose Description simple?

Declaration segment and explanation are bulk of the patent application. Following are points that help to write a description after which the claim section begins.

  • Heading
  • Explanation of the system
  • Information about the background and previous art
  • Explanation of how the device tackles the technological crisis
  • At least one example about the use of the device
  • Progression listing if required.

Suggestion to make the final draft of the patent application

  • Start application with the title of the invention.
  • Write a statement about the technical field of the invention.
  • Give relevant background information that will be useful to the customers.
  • Prior art: this includes a brief explanation of the problems that is faced by previous patents.
  • Add general terms that will help the users to understand about the use of the invention and the how it can solve the problem.
  • Include drawing that illustrates the description. Try to number the drawing, use these numbers in the description to make it more convincing.
  • Give description of each property in detail. Include all the apparatus, how they fit into each other and function together.
  • State example if necessary.
  • Provide listing if necessary

Refer to previous patent application to make work simpler.



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