Different types of Patent application

There are various types of patent application

  • Provisional application: it is a type of temporary patent application, which is taken when the invention is not completely ready and is under experimental phase. The advantage of this type of application is that the inventors gets a year to completely and develop the product and also work on its potential market. The inventor get priority right for the product and the applicant can use patent pending term for the product.  It does not cost much and the applicant can file for international patent application after a year, after which this application expires.  It requires containing minute details so that the priority rights are well protected.
  • General application or non-conditional application: in this application the applicant does not claim for priority, in the province where the product has been manufacture. There is no mention of other applications that are in process in the patent office. It also needs to have all the details and claims clearly mentioned.
  • Convention purpose: in this application the patent claims for the priority on the database of the application or similar application that has been filed at one or more offices.
  • International application: as the name suggest it is an international application that is governed by Patent Cooperation treaty and is valid in approximately 142 countries. Advantage of this application is that a single application gives priority right to the inventor in 142 countries, thereby protecting the product. The priority date is recognized in all the 142 countries. It gives more time to the applicant to test the invention. 30 to 31 months are given from the date of filing the application. With this, the patent can apply for International Preliminary Examination Report, which contains the report about the potential of the product in the market. This helps the patent to better choices like the early stages of the process can be altered, the application can also be altered so that more precise claim can be obtained. Expense is also reduced before the application is recognized at National level.
  • National level application: the application made at national level. The application has to be file within 30 or 31 months from the date of international application.
  • Addition of the patent application: when an inventor feels that he knows a product that is a slight variation of the patent that he has already applied for or has priority of it, then this application can be used. The condition for this application is that the new invention should not contain a measurable inventive step, but it does not require separate fees.
  • Divisional application: when the patent claims for more than one product, the applicant can divide his application so that there are no objections made. The applications are dividend of a parent application. The priority date is set to be the date of filing the parent application.



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