Business registration in Hong Kong

After making that important decision of investing in Hong Kong, you have to ensure that your business is registered with the authorities in order to avoid problems that might hinder you from advancing in your business. This should be done within the first month of establishment and is done with the Business Registration office that… Read More

What makes life in Hong Kong so affordable?

You should know that people usually look forward to moving into a place that they will be in a position to afford the cost of living. The same applies with people who intend on setting up companies or moving to Hong Kong. The cost of living in this city is made lower and the good… Read More

Advantage of Utilizing Hong Kong Company to get WFOE inside China


Benefits of Hong Kong Business, officially the Hong Kong Unique Administrative Area is a unique admin area of China. The place depends on the far eastern side from your Gem River Delta. The Hong Kong would have been a dependent place from the UNITED KINGDOM. Beneath the plan of “one nation, 2 systems”, the Main… Read More