Boom in Hong Kong IPO Expected this Year

Experts predict that Hong Kong will be the world’s third largest initial public offering market in the year 2013. In this year alone, there will be up to HK $150 billion that will be raised by as many as 80 companies. If you look at these figures it will show just how strong Hong Kong… Read More

How To Set Up Your Offshore Company In Hong Kong

It is a great business opportunity for both entrepreneurs and established businessmen to start their offshore company in Hong Kong. There are several reasons for businessmen to consider Hong Kong as the right place of doing and expanding their business through this opportunity. Ease of set up an offshore company if the first reason for… Read More

Establishment of a company in Hong Kong

The establishing of a company in Hong Kong is one altogether the major restrains sides of doing trade in Hong Kong, if one company’s arrangement isn’t set up appropriately. It is not being planned properly or doesn’t distribute the precise licenses or establishments it may be inveterate for commerce or within the least circumstance situation… Read More