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Different types of Patent application

There are various types of patent application Provisional application: it is a type of temporary patent application, which is taken when the invention is not completely ready and is under experimental phase. The advantage of this type of application is that the inventors gets a year to completely and develop the product and also work… Read More

How to choose the right corporate finance company

When running, owning or starting a business or company it is highly important for one to know all elements of the company especially in the finance sector. Once you get to learn on the basic concepts of these areas you will be able to effectively run the business. One of these areas is the corporate… Read More

Important suggestion about Patent applications

Patent in simple words mean specification, it consists of both description and claims. In a patent application an individual is supposed to explain the product or the service and in what ways does it differ from other previous patents.  General information about the background as well as detail information is given in the description. A… Read More

Setting up a business in Hong Kong

Setting up a business in Hong Kong   Setting up a business in Hong Kong can be easy if you use companies that will take care of the entire process for you. This is according to several entrepreneurs who started a business in Hong Kong. One can start using these companies even before you have… Read More

Setting up a company in Hong Kong

There are a number of options to choose from once you have decided to establish an investment in Hong Kong City. For one, you can opt to set up a limited company which is basically the most common type of investment. This particular company that is fully incorporated in Hong Kong and the business owner… Read More

Hong Kong tourist attraction

Hong Kong certainly is by all standards, one of the most remarkable and intriguing countries in the world. It is a country that possesses utter beauty, natural wonders and substantial wealth that other countries wish they could have. Hong Kong, which is home to over 7.5million locals is a fast growing city. Hong Kong is… Read More

Business registration in Hong Kong

After making that important decision of investing in Hong Kong, you have to ensure that your business is registered with the authorities in order to avoid problems that might hinder you from advancing in your business. This should be done within the first month of establishment and is done with the Business Registration office that… Read More

What makes life in Hong Kong so affordable?

You should know that people usually look forward to moving into a place that they will be in a position to afford the cost of living. The same applies with people who intend on setting up companies or moving to Hong Kong. The cost of living in this city is made lower and the good… Read More

Advantage of Utilizing Hong Kong Company to get WFOE inside China


Benefits of Hong Kong Business, officially the Hong Kong Unique Administrative Area is a unique admin area of China. The place depends on the far eastern side from your Gem River Delta. The Hong Kong would have been a dependent place from the UNITED KINGDOM. Beneath the plan of “one nation, 2 systems”, the Main… Read More

Tourism and Travel in HongKong

Hong Kong is amazingly a famous tourists and travel destination for either business or leisure purposes. The city supports and acts as a power house for tourism and travel business as well as other inter-depended forms of investment. Travel and tourism serves as pillars of industries which are economy drivers of the city. Being strategically… Read More